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Advantages and disadvantages of silk fabrics

The advantages of silk fabric are very comfortable, can block ultraviolet rays, strong hygroscopicity, soft texture, etc.; the disadvantage of silk fabric is that it is very difficult to take care of, can not be ordinary washing, can only carry out dry cleaning, expensive, easy to wrinkle and easy to aging, fading and so on. Silk fabric is usually relative to silk-like fabric, which generally refers to silk. The price of silk fabric is very expensive, it is mainly used in clothing and furniture. Silk fabric is famous for its difficult to take care of and strong air permeability, and its skin affinity is incomparable to other fabrics.

According to the weight of the fabric per square meter, silk fabrics can be divided into thin type, medium type and thick type. According to the different ways of processing, it can also be divided into dyeing and printing. Its texture is very soft and smooth, the design and color is also very rich, the dress is very cool. It is mainly used as summer clothing or bedding, such as pajamas, custom scarves, quilt covers, pillowcases and so on. Sino is professional in scarf manufacturing and has a complete production and design process.

Silk fabric is composed of silk, and silk is made of protein fiber, which has good biocompatibility with the human body, so when our delicate skin and silk want to encounter, it will have unique softness, according to the curve of the human body, so it can be safe and considerate to every inch of our skin.In the maintenance of silk, light yarn, yarn, yarn-dyed taffeta silk, etc., can not be washed but can only be dry-cleaned. So washing silk fabric will be a little more troublesome. And can be washed silk fabrics, but also in the light of their respective characteristics, the use of different washing methods.

Characteristics of silk twill

Silk twill is a kind of silk fabric, the composition is 100% mulberry silk. Twill silk is a kind of silk with twill organization, and the cloth has obvious oblique lines, which has good feel, luster and elasticity. Silk twill feels soft, but its shrinkage is higher than that of plain fabric. Twill is a kind of tissue structure, which means that the tissue of this kind of silk is twill structure. Silk twill is a relatively light and thin silk fabric similar to twill. Twill fabrics are generally soft, coupled with real silk, so silk twill feels soft and comfortable, but the softness is still not as soft as crepe and satin silk fabrics, so it is generally not made of silk twill. Compared with crepe and satin silk fabrics, silk twill is more bony, so it is mostly used in clothing and scarves.

The thickness of silk twill is mostly 12 mm, 16 mm and 19 mm. It should be noted that the thickness of silk twill can not be compared with crepe and satin fabrics, just as the thickness of crepe crepe cannot be compared with that of plain crepe satin. If the crepe satin is 12mm, it can only be used to make lining and so on, while the 12mm twill can be used to make clothes if the color is not transparent, and the 16mm twill will feel more solid.

How to clean up silk stain?

Black silk clothes turn white after washing, you can add 1-2 drops of vinegar when washing, vinegar can restore the original color of the clothes, can drop a few drops to try, red vinegar and white vinegar are OK. Generally on the silk clothes drop beverage stains, alcohol, etc., should be cleaned immediately, do not wait for a long time to wash so that it is not easy to maintain the clothes.

It is best to use detergent containing softener. Because the washing powder contains too much alkali, it is easy to fade the silk. Even liquid neutral detergents, although compared with washing powder, are not alkaline and do less damage to silk. However, it lacks the softening ingredients needed for silk protein fiber, so it is easy to harden after washing. It is recommended to use special detergents for silk, which contain softeners. If not, wool and cashmere detergents are also fine, because they are all the same protein fibers with similar properties and similar washing requirements.

When ironing silk custom scarves, it is recommended to use steam ironing, that is, do not stick the iron directly to the clothes, lift it up a little, keep a certain distance from the clothes, and keep the luster unchanged and durable. The temperature of the iron should not be too high, otherwise the silk clothing will be damaged and the wearing life will be affected. Avoid spraying water when ironing to avoid water stains and affect the appearance. If the clothing is not ironed, it can be flattened by hand when the clothing is 70% dry; it can also be dried, folded and put into the plastic bag, sealed, put into the freezer for 12 hours of strong freezing, can achieve non-ironing effect.

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