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Consumers who like silk goods are people who really understand advanced customization fabrics. Our goal is to make beautiful silk clothes affordable to everyone. The appearance of our products is inspired by simple lines and modern contours. China is the origin of silkworms and a big silk country in the world, known as “Oriental Silk country”. Sericulture culture is the starting point of Chinese civilization, which has a history of more than 5000 years, of which the silk output of Chinese silk enterprises above scale in the first half of 2022 was 22769 tons. Sino culture is an important part of many silk enterprises.

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The characteristics of Australian Advanced Customization Silk

The advantages of silk fabric with the continuous pursuit of high-quality lifestyle, silk fabric is widely used in all walks of life, which plays a very important role in the interpretation of taste of life, so what are the characteristics of silk fabric? The health care function of silk fabric can not be compared and replaced by any fiber material. Silk fabric contains 18 kinds of amino acids needed by the human body, which is very similar to the amino acids contained in human skin.

Silk fabric is also known as the second human skin. Silk fabric clothing. It has the advantages of preventing ultraviolet radiation, resisting harmful bacteria, preventing harmful gas invasion, promoting skin cell metabolism, enhancing body surface skin cell vitality and so on.

Our advanced customization customized wholesale custom silk scarf printing, in addition to comfort, the whole match can be improved to a higher level. This is also the choice for many fashionable people to attend shows, parties, celebrity banquets and other places, with low-key elegance, advanced customization atmosphere and luxurious temperament. With various custom scarf printing machines, silk in China itself is also the choice of aristocrats, silk texture, fabrics are one of the best, without exception can be praised.

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As a leading custom-made silk factory, Sino has more than ten years of silk production experience and is located in the silk city: Hangzhou, China. Digital printing on silk fabric is one of the most preferable silk printing methods amongst manufacturers and artists, just like inkjet printing for silk, bringing their designs to the world. Sino can complete Wholesale custom silk scarf printing according to your requirements, combined with professional design and rigorous production line.

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Sino Advanced Custom Photo Scarf Factory

Sino has been deeply engaged in the silk industry for nearly ten years, and is one of the most professional custom silk scarf printing manufacturersCustom Scarves – Customize Your Unique Scarf, From Design To Quality. – Silk Scarf Customize ( has developed into a comprehensive silk industry system integrating R & D, manufacturing, foreign trade, brand, supply chain management, financial services, asset management and other advantageous resources and means of management, with the same quality and after-sales service as Australian advanced customization silk, as well as exclusive customization experience.

For Sino silk, silk is not just a piece of fabric, it is the most exquisite work of art we have ever created, but silk should not mean luxury. We advocate that everyone can enjoy the beauty and comfort of wholesale custom silk scarf printing at an affordable price and durable quality. All silk products produced by Sino comply with European standards and all the specifications of other major independent testing institutions, and test reports are available for reference.

As a responsible organization, Sino believes that social responsibility, environmental responsibility and responsibility are essential to foster a positive work culture and sustained growth.  Sino has nearly 20 skilled sewing workers, not only has rich experience, but also is good at making different silk clothing and accessories, can develop new fashion styles and shapes, combined with our advanced custom scarf printing machines, can complete any emergency order in a very short time, 3 quality inspectors can find 95% defective products, and 4 ironing and packaging workers pack silk products well in plastic bags or boxes.

Compared with Australia’s advanced customization custom silk, our wholesale custom silk scarf printingScarf Products – Silk Scarf Customize ( also have irreplaceable meticulous and rich experience, which can bring you an exclusive custom experience. We have the quality of Australia’s advanced customization custom silk, such meticulous, unique printed silk can not be integrated into fashion, the whole design has been sublimated, which is also the reason why the European and American fashion industry favor silk fabrics. Such fabrics with oriental characteristics are slowly becoming an unshakeable position in the fashion industry, and they are also worth choosing by advanced customization people.

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The International Development of Silk

The development trend of international new silk technology is to go hand in hand in the fields of clothing industry, decoration, military, cosmetics, medicine and so on. Japan, Italy, the United States and other advanced silk producing countries have made great breakthroughs in the research on the comprehensive utilization of silk. Such as very fine, extra thick size silkworm varieties, silk in food, cosmetics, medicine and other fields of application and development is in a leading position.

Japan also uses cocoons and silk to develop automotive decoration materials, contact lenses, artificial skin and so on. At the same time, silk, rayon, synthetic fiber multi-fusion, a variety of raw materials blending, coating, etc., so that the types of fibers are more rich and colorful.

Silk products are closely related to the fashion trend in terms of fabric, texture, pattern and style. The newly developed elastic fiber, Tencel fiber, invisible printing of real silk and silk works of art all represent the fashion, fashion and environmental protection trend of the silk industry. For example, knitwear blended with silk and cashmere has made great strides in the international market, and the blended cashmere has greatly improved the function of knitted fashion and become a new favorite among customers in Western Europe and North America.

Great breakthroughs have been made in the technical research and development of new functional silk fabrics, which conforms to the diversified, compound and fashionable development trend of silk products in the international market, and promotes the upgrading of silk products.

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