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Tips of custom scarf production

Scarf fabric has the structural characteristics of fine yarn, thin density and thin fabric. After printing and dyeing, it has the unique style of plump ground color, bright color, light and thin texture, smooth feel, good air permeability and translucent appearance. Sino is a manufacturer with an one-stop service system of design, production, processing, inspection and packaging. In order to do a good job in printing thin fabrics, attention should be paid to the quality, and necessary measures should be taken in the printing process, as well as the whole process of printing and dyeing. 

What names of scarves has, we commonly have silk scarf, silk scarf, cashmere scarf, wool scarf, imitation silk scarf, imitation cashmere scarf, polyester scarf, cotton scarf, large square scarf, small square scarf, tie scarf, Balinese yarn scarf and so on. Now it is mostly digital scart printing, there are so many kinds of scarves, it is not difficult for us to distinguish them, because sometimes we can use the feel, or glossiness, skin feeling, and some special reactions to judge what material they are made of. Of course, sometimes the difference between materials is relatively subtle, so if we want more accurate material results, we can choose testing institutions to carry out detection and analysis.

As a professional scarves wholesale( manufacturer, we believe that to make a good scarf fabric, especially the printed fabric, we must understand its technology, materials and matters needing attention before producing printed bulk feece scarves, so as to achieve the best printing effect and show the most perfect pattern, and all the customers can see the pictures of scarfs before scarf production, Sino printing effect is extreme, better visual effects, better patterns, patterns are presented, so that more consumers like the scarf products of our Sino scarf manufacturers, so that they have a sense of fashion.

Fashion trend of scarfset

Add to the atmosphere by matching custom scarves in different seasons. Wearing a scarf with your fall suit is one of the first signs of seasonal change. In autumn, when the leaves begin to fall, your activities determine how to wear a scarf. Choose a scarf to match your perfect apple picking suit. When you reach for golden delicacies, don’t trip over holiday decorations. Instead, wrap it around your neck and tuck both ends underneath, so you don’t have to use your hands. Wearing an unlimited scarf or Mobius scarf will easily create this atmosphere. You don’t need to wear this type of scarf, wrap it around your neck and you will feel comfortable immediately. In summer, you can bask in the sun in a scarf and apron. What could be better than sitting by the pool with your favorite book and a pick-me-up drink in hand? We don’t think so. Here’s how to wear a summer scarf when dipping your toes in water. An oversized summer scarf-think of a lightweight blanket scarf-is a good cover for swimming.

Use the color of the scarf to express your feelings. Colors and patterns are usually symbols of a team, such as a favorite football team, a school choir, or a corporate group. Sino supports each color, shape and material of our customized scarf can be customized by you. Choose and buy all kinds of ladies’ fashion scarves and find a scarf suitable for your organization. Customize women’s scarves for your public, private and parish primary schools, high schools, universities and alumni, events, corporate groups, affinity clubs, choirs, orchestras and sports teams. Choose a woven scarf and match it with the color of your team. Match it with sportswear and you’ll be ready to shine on the team. All kinds of scarves symbolizing the team can not only show your support, but also keep you comfortable. You can easily design a scarf on any occasion.

A custom scarf can go well with the skirt. Because the scarf is directly connected to the coat, so the same color may not have a sense of design, but if you want to integrate the printed pattern of the scarf into the clothes of the day, the best way is to echo the scarf with the skirt or trousers of the lower body. in order to explore their own style, wear a sense of fashion. Start with a dress with a large print and tie a scarf with a small print around your neck, such as custom polka dots or small flowers, which may work better with a necklace. On cold days, add a pair of tights and boots to make you look more perfect.

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