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Warm Keeping Effect of Winter Scarf

Fat plays an important role in keeping warm, most people have very little subcutaneous fat on the front and both sides of the neck, and this is precisely the important blood flow area mentioned above. Therefore, if you wear an extra scarf as a warm measure here, the effect can be immediate. From a scientific point of view, convection is the most efficient way to dissipate heat in any environment, which is why it is obviously colder when it is windy or cycling, so using a scarf to keep warm is to reduce air convection in the neck, thereby reducing heat dissipation. 

If you wear a scarf, not only will the air convection near the neck disappear, but the hot air between layers of clothing will not easily leak out from the collar of the coat, and the whole body will feel warmer. The neck is very close to the heart, and the blood flow is abundant, so the body surface temperature is relatively high under normal circumstances. 

If there is an empty space between the collar and the neck, no matter how high the collar is, the effect of keeping warm is poor. So a suitable winter scarf can reduce the air convection outside the neck, and the whole body will warm up.In summer, we need to expose the neck and the area below it as much as possible, so as to enhance the heat dissipation effect. In winter, when you need to keep warm, the neck should also be protected, and custom scarvesCustom Scarves – Silk Scarf Customize (customprintedscarves.com)are indispensable.

Scarves Make You More Fashionable

Scarves have always been an indispensable accessory in the fashion world. For a professional collocation, how to achieve outstanding results, we need to start from the role of scarves, color matching, and clothing differences. First of all, the winter scarf women should be in line with the style and texture of the dress, such as choosing a gentle and soft style in autumn and winter, then the scarf also needs to choose a gentle fabric, such as cotton. If you choose a handsome and unrestrained transmission, choose a lightweight fabric. A more prominent function of scarves is to modify the shape of the face, because girls with thick necks will be much thinner with scarves without being around the neck. Secondly, it can shadow the jaw line, so it can visually achieve the role of slimming. For girls with wide cheeks, they will look more delicate after wearing a scarf, and even save the makeup.

There are many ways to tie a winter scarf women, such as crossing the scarf around the neck, on the left, then passing the right part through the gap in the direction of the arrow, and then pulling the scarf out of the gap. This scarf can give people a chic impression, with a leather coat or trench coat, it must be very attractive on the street. For a relatively short cashmere wool scarf, you can tie a knot around several circles. If it is a square scarf, it can be folded diagonally, the right angle is exposed in the front, and the back knot is hidden in the clothes. There is no prescribed method of knotting. The more casual the better, you can put it on the outside of the coat. Sino custom silk scarf manufacturerCertificate – Silk Scarf Customize (customprintedscarves.com)can bring you a shining look in winter.

In addition to the traditional long winter scarf and smaller scarf, you can also choose a larger scarf or a large square scarf, which is not suitable for the traditional method, but as a cloak or shawl is also a very fashionable way to match, not cold places can be directly wrapped around the sweater, such as the north can also be wrapped around the woolen coat, the vision will look very long legs, hanging on both sides of the scarf is also very dynamic. With a thick layer of warmth, I am no longer afraid of the cold.

Custom Scarves Can Make You Healthier

The neck is the easiest place to get cold in winter, if you can protect your neck well, there are many important acupoints in the neck, so if you do not keep warm, many people will have a relapse of cervical spondylosis in winter. A scarf can block you from the cold and stay away from the disease. In winter, if you do not wear high-necked clothes, a little cold wind will get into the neck, the whole body will be cold.

In particular, modern people use computers for a long time, which is easy to cause neck muscle stiffness. The best winter scarf can also prevent colds and protect your cervical vertebrae from catching cold. Because the neck is the body’s fortress, there are many acupoints. The arrival of winter, will cause the incidence of spondylosis, long-term repeated cold, easy to suffer from rheumatism, so a warm scarf can effectively prevent a variety of diseases.

Scarfs for winter has the function of promoting blood circulation and relieving fatigue. Scarf is your best match in cold winter or cool summer indoor. At the same time, the thyroid gland of the neck is also an organ with rich blood flow. This has led to the neck heat conduction speed is very fast, to maintain body temperature, neck warmth is very important.

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