Differences between a Scarf and a shawl, Bandana, Wrap, Twilly and Stole

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Diffences between silk scarf and wrap

Scarves can only be worn around the neck and are often used to keep warm in winter, although some scarves can also be worn for fashion or fashion. Wrap is usually a slender rectangle around the neck and has more different uses than scarfs for winter. Wrap is usually shaped more like a square than a rectangle. Wrap can be used not only as an ordinary scarf around the neck, but also as clothing, as a coat or skirt. You can wrap the entire upper body in wrap, such as over your shoulders. This is the most common way to wear a skirt, but it can also describe a skirt made of cloth wrapped at the waist, which requires breathable and comfortable and elegant clothing at the seaside and can be worn by wrap in warm climates. Wrap draped over the shoulders can be made of thin cloth, worn as part of clothing, or as a lightweight covering for the arm, or made of thicker cloth to keep warm.

The color of the scarf can also add highlights to the overall look, which will be more beautiful. Silk scarf can also be used as hair accessories, waist ornaments and so on. What’s more, many fashionable people simply wrap some small square scarves around the wrist as the most special wristband, which is definitely the finishing touch of your basic collocation. In the 20th century, fashion idols wore custom scarves custom scarvesin a variety of ways, sometimes elegant and sometimes playful, like magic. A cutom silk scarf with excellent texture and coordinated colors has a much more attitude than the dazzling jewelry that glows with true and false light. Sino custom silk scarf manufacturerCustom Scarves – Customize Your Unique Scarf, From Design To Quality. – Silk Scarf Customize (customprintedscarves.com) is always your good choice.

How to tie a winter scarf? Silk scarf is basically best with clean complexion clothes, based on the principle that the whole body only highlights one key point. The color of the scarf itself should also be harmonious, which is better if it contains colors close to the clothes. In the spring and autumn, when the weather is more changeable, silk scarf can also play a role in keeping warm. In winter, people prefer to choose cotton scarf to match the coat and coat to protect the naked neck, the whole body will warm up, but also bring a hint of color to the dreary winter.

Development of bandana

Bandana square scarf is actually an important matching item of American retro style. The existence of Bandana scarves can be traced back to the ancient Roman and Greek times. It evolved from the Sanskrit word for “badhnati”, meaning binding. It later became the Portuguese word for “bandannoe” and eventually evolved into “Bandana”, which means “printed handkerchief”. But unlike handkerchiefs made of cotton, Bandana scarves are made of flax. But not just a square scarf is called Bandana, printing is also fastidious. Most of the pure retro Bandana patterns are Paisley, irises and so on, and each pattern has its own culture.

Because of its unruly and tough style and rebellious history and culture, it has become a classic element of American retro. A small Bandana scarf, not only the location of the tie can be arbitrary, tie the way is also full of tricks, is an indispensable finishing touch in the fashion collocation. It can be paired with suits, jeans, or other casual clothes. For example, tied to the head, like rock musicians and rappers, with a very strong personal style, is a more high-profile way. When tied around the neck, you can tie two knots in succession and leave two pigtails as if you were wearing a red custom scarf printing. You can also tie a custom scarf knot, leaving only one side of the pigtail.

Why do people choose twilly

Twilly is a kind of long silk custom scarfCustom Scarves – Silk Scarf Customize (customprintedscarves.com), which is characterized by beautiful color, lovely shape, light material and elegant temperament. Twilly is what Emma family calls this item, in fact, other brands also have the same style, but the name is slightly different, such as Dior home name Mitzah Scarf,LV home name Bandeau, in fact, are all the same thing. Twilly has a variety of colors and patterns, including presbyopia, embroidery, flowers, animals, abstract patterns and styles, and the colors vary according to the seasons.

When buying Twilly, it is best to pre-set the bags, clothes and shoes that you are ready to match with it, and choose them according to the harmony of color. After all, this is a single item that needs to be matched. If the color is too prominent or too messy, it may not be suitable to do accessory.while wholesale custom silk scarf printing often has various styles and paintings.

Using Twilly to tie the handle of a bag is a common and most basic use, especially the satin handle which is light leather or easy to hook, which is easy to get dirty and damaged in summer, while the leather is dirty or satin scratched is very troublesome, so using Twilly to tie the handle of the bag can avoid the problem of getting dirty and scratching the leather. In addition, if the colors of Twilly and the bag match harmoniously, it can also bring a very different Look and a new feel to the bag.

Common usages of shawl and stole

Scarf is usually only used to wrap around the neck. The shawl can also be wrapped around the neck (like the Indian), so the length, especially the width, will be larger than the scarf. Second, in the historical evolution, in the pursuit of fashion and warmth, we have dug up many different ways of shawl. First of all, when wearing a sleeveless blouse, you may feel a little cold because of the air conditioning in the room, or feel thin when you wear too little outside, so pick up the shawl, grab its two corners, tie a knot, tie it around your neck, and immediately become a sleeveless blouse. In lukewarm weather, it is versatile and fashionable.

When wearing a simple coat, you can also use shawl to add highlights, put the shawl on your body and tie a knot behind your back. Your family vest immediately became a fashionable jacket out of the street. If you want to look more elegant, try tying a knot in front of your chest, which is simple, but can make you look more casual and natural. Shawl also has a similar function to scarf. With a shawl, you actually have a warm scarf. Fold the shawl into thin strips, wrap it around the neck, tie a cross knot from below, and adjust the shawl into a three-dimensional bib, so that you don’t have to buy a scarf in winter.

Stole not only refers to the general female shawl, but also refers to the holy ribbon and long scarf worn by priests and priests during the ceremony. A dress worn by Christian clergy (bishops, priests, priests, deacons, etc.) when performing ceremonies or participating in religious rituals. About two and a half meters long to three meters long and seven to ten centimeters wide, usually widened at the end. In the ecclesiastical calendar, different feasts are worn with different ceremonial colors. Different colors of stole generally refer to different meanings, such as purple symbolizing repentance, vigilance and prohibition, used during the penitent festival. 

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