Different Types of Embroidery from Different Corners of the World

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Embroidery from different countries

Embroidery is a traditional handicraft, with thousands of years of cultural and historical heritage. Up to now, embroidery has gradually entered the field of vision of the public and is loved and supported by more and more people, which is inseparable from the craftsman’s persistence and inheritance of embroidery. At the same time, it also promotes the gradual life of embroidery skills and to the international stage. Japanese hand embroidery, French lace embroidery, Russian jabbing embroidery, and Chinese embroidery.

In fact, the development of Chinese embroidery has been very skilful a long time ago, until now Chinese embroidery is stepping onto the international stage in an innovative form, whether it is a catwalk of major clothing, or used as a national gift to send abroad, this fully shows the unique charm of embroidery. It is no longer just the oriental charm that once hid in the corner, but now it seems to be illuminated by a beam of light. This is the desire and expectation of every craftsman for it, which can be recognized by people all over the world, and it is also the expectation and support given to it by various cultural lovers of various countries.

In ancient times, many scholars used poems to express their feelings, and they often used scenery and things to express their feelings, which was very reserved and implicit, so Chinese embroidery would have similar characteristics: fine and elegant. More simple plants and flowers are used to convey the sense of beauty. And it is worth mentioning that as sericulture is an important skill of the ancient working people, the luster of silk thread shows the tenderness and delicacy of Chinese embroidery incisively and vividly.

Foreign embroidery and Chinese embroidery is just the opposite, foreign embroidery has more open themes, and the thread used is generally thicker, so the embroidery shows a casual, free and unruly state. The embroidery forms of various countries are developed step by step by their history. in the long river of history, each kind of embroidery has its own reason. it has experienced continuous changes in history and can enter the public vision of embroidery. All have their own uniqueness. Custom scarves also presents different styles and characteristics under the influence of embroidery styles of different countries.

Chinese embroidery VS. French embroidery

It is worth mentioning the difference between French embroidery and Chinese embroidery. French embroidery focuses on a variety of embroidery materials, pearls, fine shells, precious stones and even gold chains, thread does not adhere to silk thread, flax, cotton, wool are common embroidery materials. The unique characteristics of French embroidery the same material with different treatment methods can play a hook, fill, form a three-dimensional and other effects, resulting in the use of the same material can make two completely different styles! Chinese embroidery pursues smoothness and flatness, while French embroidery pays attention to the three-dimensional sense of concave and convex. The former is more suitable for lifelike flowers, birds, fish and insects, while the latter is better at telling more abstract spirits and emotions.

The biggest difference between French embroidery and Chinese embroidery is the raw materials: sequins, pearls, ribbons, gems, the combination of these materials has a strong three-dimensional sense of design and more changeable shape. Chinese embroidery is “small and exquisite”, French embroidery is “chic and gorgeous” French embroidery appears in high-definition dresses and wedding dresses, on the basis of embroidery, there are a lot of sequins and gems, making noble clothes on specific occasions, adding a luxurious atmosphere. It looks extravagant. Chinese embroidery is mostly reflected in clothing, custom scarves(https://customprintedscarves.com/custom-scarves/) and so on.

Indian embroidery

As one of the four ancient civilizations, India still has its own unique charm in its traditional culture and artistic attainments. Whether it is their religion or culture, dance or music, painting or handicrafts, all have great depth and breadth, worthy of our in-depth exploration and study. India’s custom scarves has a strong national cultural characteristics, bright colors, is the embodiment of personality.

This kind of embroidery is called Chikankari, which is a delicate and complex embroidery style from Lucknow, which is known as “the land of Tehzeeband Nazaquat”. Chikankari is made by printing and dyeing the pattern on the cloth, and then the craftsmen embroider along the pattern to wash away the traces of the previous printing and dyeing. Originally Chikankari was a kind of white embroidery, but with the change of people’s aesthetics and the pursuit of color, the process now uses a variety of other fabrics and colors.

Indian embroidery enjoys a global reputation and is favored by designers who pursue speed and craftsmanship. The unique regional style has evolved over the centuries. Using a wide variety of stitches and materials, from golden Paisley patterns to metallic floral patterns, these ornate patterns decorate Indian sari and lehengas. The most exquisite embroidery ari originated in the 12th century and is still popular with royal families and European consumers.

Indian embroidery is slightly different from French embroidery. Indian embroidery is used to placing beads on top of the fabric, while French embroidery places beads under the fabric. There is a slight difference between Indian embroidery and French embroidery. French embroiderers can not judge with their eyes when embroidering, but can only feel the direction of patterns and lines through crochet and fingers, because that beautiful pattern is actually shaped behind the cloth. But the back of this kind of embroidery is neat and clean, which is one of the reasons why French embroidery is often used in high-end ready-to-wear.

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