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Silk origin and selection of raw materials

Choosing the right material is just as important as what you use to knot your custom scarf printing. Materials will determine texture, weight and most importantly climate suitability factors. Many silks exported to Europe and Australia come from Hangzhou, and Sino comes from Hangzhou, China. Hangzhou is located in the rich Hangjiahu Plain and is one of the famous raw silk production and silk processing places. The climatic conditions and soil environment here are suitable for mulberry tree growth and silkworm reproduction.

The process of making mulberry silk is long, including feeding silkworms, giving them a strict diet of mulberry leaves, and harvesting their silk cocoons. Silk’s fibers are long and uniform, creating a smooth and durable material. Hangzhou has unique natural and geographical resources, and is located in the transitional zone of the north-central subtropical zone. It is warm and humid, with four distinct seasons, sufficient sunlight and abundant rainfall.

Scarves are also one of the indispensable fashion accessories in our life. A simple accessory elevates fashion and adds to the feel of British elegance. The best winter scarf is durable, innovative and warm. Make you more fashionable. The role of the custom scarf can be said to be very important, especially in the cold winter. Scarves can help us resist the cold. Therefore, scarves are the most popular product in winter. If you are going to attend a fashionable formal event to show different identities and tastes, you can wear sino silk products produced in Hangzhou, which will definitely add luster to the match.

Those who want to find custom silk scarf printing manufacturers( can use the online wholesale platform. Sino can provide a variety of scarves with very competitive prices, and the styles of the scarves will be updated regularly or customized for you. It is your one-stop destination for wholesale scarves. People wear silk scarves more to match the clothes and show the importance of the occasion, rather than to keep warm.

Experience and Service of wholesale custom silk scarf printing

For a large number of custom silk merchants, not only in the initial fabric selection should pay attention to, choose the most suitable cloth, not only can ensure that ilk scarf has a good sense of touch and skin, but also need to ensure that the corresponding pattern and color selection and customers want the same effect, which require professional custom silk scarf manufacturer to help you choose fabrics and printing recommendations. Because different pigments come out of different colors, the texture and style will be different.

In wholesale custom silk scarf printingCustom Scarves – Silk Scarf Customize (, according to the quantity of production, we also need to choose different printing methods according to the customization of the style. Sino as one of the most professional Chinese custom silk scarf printing manufacturers can provide you with one-stop service to provide you with the best price and the most worry-free service on the basis of ensuring the style and quality.

Sino Silk was established in 2009, specializing in the production of custom and wholesale printed or embroidered 100% mulberry silk products: silk scarves, pillowcases, pajamas, fabrics, hair bands, and has served well-known merchants such as Coca-Cola, Google, SK-II, etc. Because of its superb technology and good quality, it has won the trust of its partners and carried out long-term cooperation.

Silk is not only a piece of fabric, but also a work of art that reflects taste and texture, but works of art are not limited to luxury goods. Sino also actively pursues affordable prices and durable quality while pursuing exquisiteness to enjoy the beauty and comfort of silk.

All silk products, including custom scarves produced by Sino comply with European standards and all the specifications of other major independent testing institutions, and can provide test reports for reference. At the same time, Sino is practicing environmental protection and low-carbon social responsibility, and has become a conscientious enterprise in China.

Sino’s skilled seamstresses are good at making different silk garments and accessories. Our professional design team can develop new fashion styles and shapes, and the professional design team is constantly innovating styles and templates. With the cooperation of quality inspectors and ironing workers, we will provide you with the best experience from pre-sale to after-sale.

Custom scarf printing machine

Our custom scarf printing machines mainly for silk fabrics are Homer 1800, ATEXCO S series and ATEXCO D series, this custom scarf printing machine can render 600×1800 dpi images on silk fabrics well and is now available in double sided A printing machine that can print the same or different patterns at the same time. Digital printing paint ink is suitable for digital inkjet paint printing of cotton fabrics, silk fabrics, chemical fiber and blended fabrics, knitted fabrics, sweaters, towels, blankets. Digital printing thermal transfer ink is suitable for transfer printing of polyester, non-woven fabrics, ceramics and other materials. Digital printing direct-injection dispersion ink is suitable for digital printing of polyester fabrics, such as decorative cloth, flag cloth, banners, etc.

Screen printing lines of Sino custom photo scarf factory. The biggest advantage of digital printing is mainly concentrated in the fineness of color and pattern. First of all, in terms of color, digital printing inks are divided into dye-based inks and pigment-based inks. The color of dyes is brighter than that of pigments. Acid digital printing, reactive digital printing, dispersion thermal transfer printing and dispersion direct-injection digital printing all use dye-based inks. The color of traditional screen printing is based on the contrast of four-color dots, and the second is controlled by pre-printing ink toning, and the color presentation is not as good as digital printing.

Sino has more than 10 screen printing platforms with 30 custom scarf printing machines that can print 5000 meters per day with a pass rate of over 98% and a shorter production time. Screen printing can render fine lines and vivid colors better than digital printing, and can reach nearly 80%-90% of the front color.

Characteristics of 6A grade silk fabric

Raw silk is the product of mulberry cocoon reeling. Chinese raw silk has a long history and its modern output ranks first in the world.
The properties of silk. The properties of raw silk are smooth, transparent, soft, elastic, soft and elegant, and its fabrics will produce unique silking after rubbing against each other. The hygroscopicity, strength and elongation of raw silk decreased after scouring and degumming. The initial modulus of mulberry silk is 45–90dN/tex. The light resistance of mulberry silk is poor, and it will yellowing, hardening, brittleness and strength decline after sunlight. The mulberry silk does not conduct electricity when it is dry, and it is a good insulator. In 65% relative humidity, the mass specific resistance can reach 10 plus 2g/cm, so in the production process, because the friction is easy to produce static electricity, it is necessary to control the temperature and humidity in the workshop or adopt electrostatic elimination measures. The thermal insulation of mulberry silk is good, and the thermal conductivity is the lowest in natural fibers, so silk fabrics should be worn in winter and summer.

Raw silk. Raw silk products are divided into 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, A, B, C, D, E, F grade and foreign products according to the quality technology and appearance quality of raw silk. The items assessed include: size deviation, maximum size deviation, uniform second-degree change, cleanliness, cleanliness, uniform third-degree change, cutting, breaking strength, elongation at break, defects, etc. The higher the grade, the higher the quality and the better the gloss of the silk. What the Cuimen Road does is the highest level of 6A.

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