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Silk has always been a precious material. Natural silk is famous for its pearly luster, and the color of the fabric varies from different angles. Good silk is generally more expensive. There are many products on the market, and when the textile composition of a product is actually 100% polyester, there is no law prohibiting it from being named silk satin. Therefore, you will find that “Silk” or “Silky” are often used in the product name, which is only to express a delicate, smooth fabric, regardless of its content. If the seller does not provide textile content information at all, you may be deceived. Sino specializes in custom sik scarves wholesale and can provide you with the following methods to identify high-quality silk.

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Judge silk from suppliers and production sites

In order to ensure the authenticity of silk, you should only buy it from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Buyers around the world usually choose to buy silk from China, thinking that “only Chinese people can produce the best silk you can buy.” In recent years, this situation has changed, with the emergence of many suspicious silk manufacturers and vendors who sell counterfeit products at a fraction of the original price. Therefore, it is recommended to determine the origin of the silk used. Sino is located in Hangzhou, China, specializing in custom sik s carves wholesale. Hangzhou is known as the “House of Silk”. It has a very long history of producing silk, with novel features, rich and luxurious features, distinct levels of flowers and lifelike characters. Silk production is a traditional and pillar industry in Hangzhou. Hangzhou China Silk City, located in a prime location in the city center, is the only professional silk wholesale and retail market in the country. Hangzhou Silk is one of the famous specialties in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. With its light weight and beautiful color, Hangzhou Silk occupies an important position in Chinese traditional silk industry. More and more enterprises, including Sino, have begun to engage in custom made scarves online with mature experience. Welcome to choose and buy.

The texture and color of custom silk scarfs

Silk scarves are soft and feel more comfortable, while artificial fabrics are rougher. Natural silk small scarves for women shines but not too much. The silk fabric that provides more luster is wrinkled satin. The warp and weft threads are very compact, and the number of threads is more than most silk varieties. So because of its soft touch, like real skin, this is why many enterprises like to choose custom sik scarves wholesale( , bright colors and silver luster to create some exquisite designs. Sino can help you with create your own sik scarf.
Lower quality ones are usually too shiny and rougher to the touch. Natural silk fibers should feel smooth and the whole fabric should hang naturally around your body, so scarves in the summer will choose silk as the most important fabric. Rayon will not be so smooth, and it will be relatively hard when you try to tie it or hang it around your shoulder or neck. Silk art fabrics are more likely to wrinkle and wrinkle because of their stiffness. The luster of silk looks and feels luxurious, and this natural luster is caused by the fact that silk fibers refract light at different angles. In addition, silk absorbs dyes easily, allowing these rich colors to penetrate directly.

Another more subjective way to judge the quality of silk, which is related to personal feelings, is to put the custom made scarf on the table and move it with both hands from one end at the same time, we have to see how the air passes effortlessly through the entire size of the scarf to the soft silk on the other side, where longitude and weft allow air to be released from the inside in a very controlled way. Only silk has such breathability and fluency.

The back and seams of custom made scarf

A good scarf may be rolled up inward, and the corners and edges are sewn by hand, so it is possible to have some irregular hem, which is a sign of handcraft. on a great scarf, you can also tell the stitches. The scarf sewn by machine is more uniform than hand-sewn, but it is not so meticulous and individuality. With regard to scarf printing serices, the back of a shoddy scarf is always much rougher than the front, has less bright colors, and is usually much less colored. A good custom logo scart has a pattern on the front and a color and intensity on the back, which is certainly a little less than the color on the front. The color of the back of the scarf also depends on the thickness of the silk, but the front must not be damaged. Sino’s custom printed S carves wholesale has a cost-effective price, but also has bright colors, we use professional scarf printing services to meet the needs of more enterprises.

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