How to Tell if Your Silk is Real or Fake

The price of silk products varies greatly on the Internet, and the situation of fish and dragon mixed with cashmere products is also very similar. Silk generally refers to silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk and so on. Tussah silk is mainly produced in northern China and is made from tussah silk. Silk fabric is a very common fabric. There are many kinds of silk fabrics, and Sino can provide custom printed silk scarves no minimum for many industries. Real silk custom scarves refers to fabrics made of mulberry silk in both warp and weft, or natural silk such as tussah silk, cassava silk and castor silk. Customers will buy fake silk if they are not careful.

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Methods of distinguishing the authenticity of silk

There will be some differences between real and fake silk at first. General real silk, its glossiness is uniform, drooping, and elegant. But the thickness of the imitated silk can be seen at a glance that although the surface is smooth, it is a little harsh. Observe the luster. The luster of the silk fabric is soft and uniform, bright but not harsh. The luster of rayon fabrics is bright, but not soft. Although the luster of polyester filament is uniform, it has glitter or bright filament. Nylon silk fabric has a poor gloss, as if coated with a layer of wax. In addition to the normal appearance, you can also distinguish the true from the false by carefully examining the creases after folding the silk. When the silk fabric of custom scarves( is squeezed by the hand and then released, there is no crease because of its good elasticity. Rayon fabrics have obvious creases after hand squeezing, and the creases are difficult to restore to their original state. It should be noted that although nylon silk fabrics have creases, they can also slowly return to their original state, so do not be confused by its false appearance.

The touch of real and fake silk personalized scarves is different, which can be distinguished by touching. There is a feeling of holding hands when touching silk fabrics, while other chemical fiber products do not. Rayon fabrics are smooth and soft, but not stiff. Cotton and silk fabrics do not feel soft. Silk fabric luster is soft, bright, bright, uniform, feel soft, slippery, hands-free, but cool, rayon surface is easy to wrinkle, glossy and eye-catching, without silk natural luster feel sticky, rough, no cool feeling, so wearing rayon in summer will not have a fresh and comfortable feeling, you can carefully identify.

Another method is combustion, but in daily life we don’t use this method to tell whether we have bought real silk custom scarves or not. When the silk is burned, it has the smell of burning antler hair, it is difficult to continue burning, and it will extinguish itself. The ashes are fragile, brittle, loose and black. Rayon (viscose fiber) has the smell of burning paper mixed with chemistry when burning. It continues to burn very fast. Except for those without light, there are no ashes, and there are a few gray and black ashes between them. Cotton, polyester burning has a very weak sweetness, not direct or slow, the ashes are hard and round, bead-shaped. Both cotton and hemp smell of burning paper, and the ashes are soft and dark gray. Wool burns like silk. The difference between the two can be seen visually.

There is also a professional method of identification, that is, listening to sound. Compared with boring real silk, when they conflict with each other, it will be announced that the loud movement is called silk or silk, while when the general fabric is rubbing against each other, there is no unique silk sound of real silk, affixed to the skin, with a sense of muggy. Ordinary consumers may not be able to sit on this level of discrimination, but practitioners in the silk industry can tell the authenticity of silk from the sound.

Why choose personalized scarves and silk products?

Silk original color is grayish brown, if it is to be made into fabric, it first needs to be faded with acid and alkaline chemicals, so it has a certain harm to the human body, while the color of mulberry silk is milky white, not black, not astringent. Compared with tussah silk, the silk of mulberry silk is thinner and longer, the surface has soft luster, high-quality silk products, mostly made of it as raw materials. If you buy scarfs for winter marked “100% silk” does not mean that it is real silk, the raw material is likely to be 100% tussah silk, or a mixture of tussah silk and mulberry silk. Sino specializes in wholesale custom silk scarf printing for many years, which can relieve you of your worries in this respect.

Silk is relatively high-grade, at present, many manufacturers in the market are inferior, so that some users lose their way when buying silk. In fact, when buying silk, we also need to judge whether the silk is true or false. It is too exaggerated to just sleep on silk pillowcases without wrinkles, but smooth silk does have lower friction than other fabrics and can reduce friction on the skin during sleep. Even if you lie on your side all night, you won’t leave sleep marks on your face to prevent fine lines from sleeping unconsciously. Because silk makes clothes or decorations, it has the feeling of high-grade and gorgeous. Usually when we choose silk, we also have to choose real silk, so as to have a good experience.

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