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How to choose a suitable silk scarf

Silk is the most commonly used material for making silk scarves. the silk scarves made of this material not only glow with charming luster, but also have natural folds and look natural and beautiful. Wearing such a scarf is more appropriate to attend formal occasions, elegant and gorgeous scarf hanging in front of the chest, steady but not lack of amorous feelings, beautiful but not frivolous, silently revealing your watery tenderness. The temperature varies throughout the year, so silk scarves and fabrics of different materials need to be selected according to different climates. Spring is generally relatively dry, silk natural fiber can avoid the generation of static electricity, but also can have a certain warm effect. Because of the soft material of silk, there is no affectation in various shapes, which is the choice of many fashionable people. Summer silk scarf is very simple, choose thin, this season’s silk scarf is mainly to play a decorative role, no other, the most used is silk chiffon, silk georgette yarn, silk electric spinning, silk Dongfeng yarn, silk shun crepe, silk shun georgette and so on. Besides the material, you can also print your own silk scarf to show a unique style in every season.

In terms of thickness, scarves can be divided into thin scarves and thick scarves. Spring and Autumn style scarves can be spun with thinner silk crepe satin, silk twill and thicker silk georgette yarn, silk electric spinning, etc., the specification is 12-14 mm, 12-14 mm is the mainstream thickness of this kind of scarf, the shading property of the scarf is good, there is a sense of fullness in the hand, the drape is obvious, and the finished product is very cost-effective. It is slightly thicker than 16mm and thinner below 10mm. Silk fabrics suitable for making thin silk scarves are silk chiffon, with a common gram weight of 5.5mm and 8mm. This kind of fabric is light and elegant, soft and pasted to the skin, highlighting the feminine beauty of women. Plain crepe satin above 22mm is generally used as a shawl to keep warm in an air-conditioned room.

Most of the clothes in winter are relatively heavy, and silk scarves are generally chosen not to pursue elegance and lightness in winter, otherwise not only can not play the role of keeping warm, but also will have a sense of disobedience with the heavy coat, so in winter, the silk scarf thickness is generally chosen to be more than 19mm, which can resist the cold to a certain extent, and custom silk edge scarf can also play a good decorative role. On the basis of choosing the thickness of more than 19mm, the materials generally choose silk crepe satin, silk twill and so on. You can grab the fabric to make the surface of the fabric velvety, suitable for wearing in winter. However, according to the current fashion development, the overall warm performance of many winter coats is getting higher and higher, and there may be a thick neckline to protect the neck, so for people who are often indoors, they can also choose summer style custom photo silk scarfhttps://customprintedscarves.com/custom-scarves/.

In addition to the collocation generally carried out according to different seasons, silk custom scarves also involve the collocation of different occupations. for example, the sales of stewardesses and high-end brands will require them to wear silk custom scarves in their work projects, and the scarves are usually tied with small square custom scarves. can highlight the wearer’s professional and high-end temperament, this kind of silk scarves are generally made of silk crepe satin, the thickness should not be too thick, 12-14 mm almost. OL professional women are more suitable to wear long scarves and large square scarves, mainly to add decoration, weak functional role, so it should not be too thick, in fact, frivolity is a better choice, according to personal preferences and clothing matching choices, the thickness is recommended below 12mm.

Print your own silk scarf

Sino custom silk scarf manufacturerhttps://customprintedscarves.com/ pattern update is large and rapid and timely, based on the popular brand patterns pushed by big data, high quality, trend accuracy based on the most popular elements to start creation, optimize the original advantages for pattern development reference and application. Combined with the market situation and style trend, there are theme trend, popular color and application collocation scheme, process details, fabric material, style structure and other dimensions. Not only can be combined with popular elements, fashion trends, integration of current pattern design needs, but also according to customer requirements, provide customized pattern design, a large number of custom photo silk scarf and bdsp silk scarf. The creation is carried out from the omni-directional pattern fashion dimension, which can be used for reference and application of pattern development.

Sino’s production line covers many industries, mature production experience and high-end machines have worked with many cooperative brands, such as Sino Colm, Coca-Cola, Google, SK-II, DAS, Toyota, not only Print your own silk scarf, but also a variety of custom patterns of pillowcases, pajamas, fabrics, headbands, headscarves, masks, hats, ties, etc., if you want to customize the unique pattern. Sino can provide you with complete custom photo silk scarf production lines from pattern design to production customization and after-sales service. Sino focuses on pattern process details, starting with brand technology and market technology, combined with big-name craftsmanship, show trend and market wind, covering popular processes such as embroidery, beads, badge marks and cloth stickers, suitable for all major categories.

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