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Development of silk fabric scarf

Chinese silk fabrics have reached a very high level in ancient times from the innovation of design, color matching, craftsmanship and production technology, and even have been well integrated with the contents of culture, history, science and technology, art, astronomy, geography and other disciplines. Even now we can see that the study of silk is as meaningful and proud as the study of history. Silk products have thousands of varieties because of their different processing methods, different warp and weft raw materials, different fabric structures and different colors.

Mulberry silk still needs to do a lot of work before weaving, which we call the preparation process. Such as impregnation to soften sericin, drawing and twisting, setting, twisting, dyeing, warping, fine collaterals, etc., the processing process of different products is different. Take taffeta as an example: its warp and weft need more than 20 processes, which does not include the inspection and repair of the silk surface after weaving. At the same time, due to the strong moisture absorption of silk, but also to do a good job of moisture-proof work, the current real silk production is carried out under the condition of temperature and humidity control in the workshop.

Sino can provide custom printed silk scarves no minimum, because of the personality and culture of personalized scarves are, Sino can provide the most cost-effective production and customized printing methods when it is not suitable for mass customization, which will bring you a good experience.

Unique Design of Silk fabric

Texture Reconstruction Design of Silk. On the basis of the original fabric, the original fabric is innovated and improved by chemical or physical means according to the principles of material contrast, color contrast and tissue texture contrast. Thus producing original and shocking visual effects. Today, only focusing on style, shape, and traditional fabrics of clothing to a certain extent, has been unable to meet consumers’ pursuit of fashion. As a result, the concept of “fabric texture reconstruction” came into being. Texture reconstruction is a very important technique in silk clothing design. Through the texture reconstruction of an ordinary silk fabric, it can regain its unique and attractive artistic charm. At the same time, it gives a strong shock effect visually and psychologically.

Custom silk scarf can be combined with different clothing fabrics, using the combination of silk and lace fabrics, the light and close body of silk plus the seductive sex appeal of lace, fully showing the characteristics of lovely, sweet and intellectual beauty of women. The mash-up of leather and silk adds personalized scarves to the leather fabric as embellishment. The roughness of leather and silk dexterity make the whole dress give people a new feeling. The mash-up of fabrics of various materials makes the materials of clothing better in terms of visual charm and artistic appeal.

How to maintain custom silk scarf

For ordinary clothes, after being contaminated by oil, you can first wet the clothes with water, then apply toothpaste on the oily spot, wait a few minutes, rub it repeatedly, rinse the toothpaste with clean water, and then remove the oil. You can adjust the talc powder into a paste and apply it to the oily spot. After staying for a period of time, remove the talcum powder, pad the silk with paper, and iron it with an electric iron that is not too hot. Wash with detergent. Because the detergent itself is to remove the oil stain, it can be decomposed according to the oil stain.

In the place where personalized scarves are stained with oil stains, apply some detergent and wet them with water for about ten minutes, then you can clean them by rubbing them. Wash with a special silk lotion. If there is a special silk laundry detergent at home, you can rinse it with warm water, and then soak the clothes in it. After about ten minutes, gently rub and clean the oil stains.

Because custom silk scarf are weakly acidic, they should be washed with neutral detergents. Silk personalized scarves washing should not be rubbed in rough articles and washed by washing machine, the water temperature should not be too high. Because most of the colors of silk fabrics are dyed with acid dyes, the water temperature is too high, which will cause serious discoloration. In general, cold water can be used. Because there is more chlorine in tap water in summer, tap water is used to wash it every other day. Silk personalized scarves have poor alkali resistance, so weak alkaline washing powder or neutral detergent and soap should be selected for washing. Custom silk scarf  can not be soaked in the detergent for a long time, generally soaking time to 5-10 minutes is appropriate, the longest can not exceed 20 minutes, in order to prevent fading.

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