Silk vs Satin: What Are the Difference & Which One to Choose

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Different Between Silk and Satin

The definition and raw material is different. Satin, a fabric made of silk, polyester, and other fibers made of satin, a thick and glossy silk fabric with a different gloss on both sides. From the perspective of raw materials, satin uses most of the imitation silk, so the cost is low; silk uses high-quality silk as the conventional raw material, pure silk fabric raw material. Silk is made of silk or synthetic fibers, man-made fibres, staple silk, etc.

The scope of use is different. Silk is relatively expensive, mostly used in high-end clothing, goggles and scarves, will not be bright in appearance, with smooth satin, excellent feel. With the improvement of public aesthetics, the shadow of satin has appeared in daily household life, such as curtains, good-looking and gorgeous. But silk is rarely used as a curtain because it is too fragile and yellowed when exposed to ultraviolet light, making it more suitable for more expensive products such as pillowcases, eye masks, which are in close contact with the skin and are well protected. Generally speaking, custom scarf printingsilkCustom Scarves – Silk Scarf Customize ( is not light, while satin is light. The processing technology is different, but their raw materials are all silk.

The satin and their derivatives on the market are usually 100% polyester/nylon/rayon.Satin is polyester, nylon or rayon or a mixture of them because it is much cheaper to produce. “satin” is probably woven from one of the products/plastics. The word “satin silk” is used to deceive people who do not understand. Satin is actually similar to the structure of plastic. it does not have the ability of heat absorption and heat dissipation of silk. A product made of satin is more like an airtight container. your body heat will be reflected to you and cause sweating, making it even less suitable for use as bedding, because it produces static electricity in winter and is too slippery to help your skin. It will also be more muggy, but in vain. Unscrupulous sellers imitate the appearance of silk with cheaper materials and try to mislead consumers into thinking that they are buying silk.

Tips for Wholesale Custom Silk Scarf Printing

Silk has a relatively soft texture, a variety of colors and a variety of brands for custom silk scarf printing. In the selection and purchase of wholesale custom silk scarf printing, the first thing to pay attention to is whether the satin has the following problems: the silk edge is partially damaged due to pulling, although the grade drops, but it has little impact on the production of finished clothing. The warp and weft of the silk surface are dense and uneven, the defect affects the production of clothing, but can be used in other clothing.

And sometimes the silk head is exposed. When two or more pieces of warp and weft are broken, this defect affects not only the beauty but also the use value. The price of silk is relatively expensive, so we usually pay special attention to it when we buy it, and we also need to carefully observe whether there are local or scattered defects on the silk surface.

In addition to the integrity of the basic quality, the appearance of silk is also very important. for example, when customizing wholesale custom silk scarf printing, we need to determine the light and shade of ideal silk products, and whether it is double-sided printing, and we need to choose the most cost-effective custom scarf printing method according to the number of custom scarves required. SINO as a professional custom silk scarf manufacturerCustom Scarves – Customize Your Unique Scarf, From Design To Quality. – Silk Scarf Customize (, we have different kinds of custom scarf printing machine, professional printing technology and assembly line. To ensure that in the production process to avoid mildew spots and other serious defects affecting the quality of silk fabrics.

Why Choose Custom Scarves?

The silk products from custom photo scarf factory of playing cards are mostly made of twill fabrics, and the general products use soft plain crepe satin or even thinner and softer georgette or chiffon, the effect is of course different. So, that’s the advantage of twill: it’s soft, but it’s structural, and it’s easy to shape. In contrast, plain crepe satin without any angular feeling is more suitable for long scarves, pajamas, bedding and so on.

Silk is the most expensive and valued textile, but in the long run, when you consider your health, sleep quality and comfort, it will be more cost-effective, although the initial purchase price is more expensive, but the comfort and health benefits of long-term use must be. Silk has the characteristics of hypoallergenicity, antibacterial, temperature regulation, durability, sustainable production and biodegradation, as well as unique matte treatment, which matches well with contemporary decoration and style. The cost of silk is much higher than that of ordinary fabrics, so attention should be paid to its maintenance. 

It is not suitable to rub hard when cleaning, can not be washed by washing machine, can be dry-cleaned or hand-washed, and it is not suitable to be exposed to the sun for too long to avoid damage. Custom silk scarves fabric is soft and smooth, and the silk in custom silk scarves is protein fiber, which is more expensive. In addition, it should be noted that custom silk scarves is easy to shrink, exposure in strong light is easy to make silk fabric yellowing, fading, aging.

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