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Development of Sino Custom Scarves

Double-sided printing this is the literal meaning, there are patterns on both sides, the basic printing patterns are single-sided printing, the back is generally white, but if you choose double-side printing scarf, the visual effect will be more grade than single-sided printing. Screen printing, put manual printing on the desktop, make full use of human resources to carry out the whole process of clothing printing. Silk custom scarvesPRINTING METHOD – Silk Scarf Customize (customprintedscarves.com) generally use 3D digital printing. The printing process of this kind of scarf is time-consuming and laborious, so the price is higher. Print the necessary patterns through the control system.

The fabric after printing and dyeing is separated from the guide belt through the distribution area, and the guide belt is cleaned through the washing equipment, and then carried out according to the post-treatment technology after drying and drying.

The textile market is growing rapidly. Digital printing plays an important role in preventing printing market. For digital print scarf manufacturerAbout – Silk Scarf Customize (customprintedscarves.com), this means that there will be tremendous pressure on time to market, faster sampling speed, improved printing speed, efficiency, flexibility and design. To achieve this goal, the market only needs to look at other ways to print on the fabric.

The solution to these challenges is professional digital scarf printing machine. Digital textile printing machines use digital technology-just like your home printer. The digital textile printing process has many similarities with the traditional textile printing process: the fabric will be selected and pre-treated, in which it will pass through the printer at high speed and then be boiled, washed and dried.

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As a leading custom-made silk factory, Sino has more than ten years of silk production experience and is located in the silk city: Hangzhou, China. Digital printing on silk fabric is one of the most preferable silk printing methods amongst manufacturers and artists, just like inkjet printing for silk, bringing their designs to the world. Sino can complete Wholesale custom silk scarf printing according to your requirements, combined with professional design and rigorous production line.

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Sino’s Screen and Screen Print Scarves

How the colorful pattern is different on screen print scarf, how beautiful the pattern is, whether the style of the pattern is, attract the attention of customers, and so on, all printing is also a subject, as a very important process in screen printing silk scarf production. Sino silk digital print scarf manufacturer has rich experience in this field. Before printing, we must first provide pattern or sample plate making, customer-specified pattern, and our line drawing draft is to depict the original pattern exactly the same. Make the pattern according to the scale, and transfer the pattern to the nickel net with a special process, so as to make a pattern of one color and one color first and then make the screen.

For a qualified screen printing silk scarf, the quality of printing directly affects the cost, such as the waste rate of flowers during printing, the uncertainty about whether there are real flowers, and the lack of pressure permeability will affect the effect and aesthetics of printing, so good pattern printing must have process requirements and operation flow in order to satisfy customers and reduce their own costs. A good printed scarf can be displayed.

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Digital Print Scarf VS. Screen Print Scarf

Digital print is very suitable for small-scale printing orders, in small-scale printing, you can still achieve different color and pattern schemes. However, if the customer needs to print on a lighter color material, if the printer cannot use white ink, the digital print may not be suitable. Another major disadvantage of digital print is that it is not as durable as screen printing, but it is an absolutely ideal solution for unique events and one-time presentation purposes. Finally, if you choose digital print, no matter what the number of digital print scarf is, the price cannot be gradually reduced.

Screen printing is extremely cost-effective, more durable and suitable for long-term printing fabrics, so to establish a longer-term partnership, it is recommended that you choose screen printing. One of the main disadvantages of screen printing is that its initial setup cost is much higher than digital printing, and it takes more time, and the color range is relatively limited. Screen printing is best suited for bulk orders that do not require too much customization or extensive use of different colors. Digital printing is now more widely used in many different printing materials.

With regard to how to choose the two printing methods, our customers often choose after we have had the opportunity to see their designs and designated printing materials. For example, we can usually use screen printing or digital printing for most of the flags and banners we produce, but in general, if customers need a high level of energy and contrast, we usually recommend screen printing, and customers who need a large number of signage or display requirements usually choose to use a mixture of screen printing and digital printing solutions.

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