The Best Scarves for Relaxing in Style

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Choose the right type scarf for relaxing

Silk scarves are full of luster and have natural folds. They look very beautiful. And full of vertical feeling, suitable for formal occasions to wear. And because it is made of natural materials, it will not cause static electricity and has good thermal insulation. Although you can wash it yourself at home, it is best to send it to the laundry. Silk scarves are easily bitten by insects, so don’t forget to put insect repellent when collecting silk scarves.

Cotton wool is mostly used to make shawls and scarves. It will be used to make silk scarves in very few cases. The characteristic of custom wool scarf is that it keeps warm very well, and it is mostly used to make clothing which is not suitable for autumn and winter. Relatively speaking, wool scarves are easier to clean and can be washed at home. The maintenance of custom printed cotton scarves is also very simple. But pay attention to the method of cleaning. If you get the method wrong, custom cas hmere scarf will shrink and become smaller. Among the wool materials, high-grade fibers such as cashmere, Angora rabbit hair and alpaca are very variable, so it is recommended that you send the bulk feece scarves of these products to the laundry for cleaning.

Lightweight summer scarves is the most popular at the height of summer. It not only feels refreshing after wearing it, but also looks quite refreshing. Small scarves for women is perfect for summer wear. For female friends who have been in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, hemp scarves are essential. But scarves in the summer wrinkles easily, so you should be more careful when wearing it. If you fold it gently, it should not wrinkle.

How to use customize scarf to create a sense of relaxation?

For people with a richer face, if they want to make their face look fresh, when choosing custom made scarf, it is important to extend the sagging part of the scarf, exaggerate the vertical sense, and pay attention to the integrity of the regained vertical lines. Choose lightweight and flamboyant knots, such as diamond knots, roses, cross knots, etc., instead of overlapping knots in the neck, too horizontal and too organized, and avoid being too neat.

What kind of customizable scarf ( should people with square faces choose? The person with square face with wide cheeks, forehead, jaw width and face length is easy to give people the feeling of lack of tenderness. When wearing a silk scarf, just make the neck clean and clean, and tie some well-organized knots in front of your chest, coupled with a simple coat with simple lines, to deduce a noble temperament, and the tough facial lines can be displayed as an advantage.

People with inverted triangular faces should choose scarves: people with inverted triangular faces whose width narrows slowly from the forehead to the jaw, giving a serious impression and a monotonous face. At this time, silk scarves can be used to cover the neck with a sense of organization, which will have good results, and be careful not to tie it too tightly, and pay attention to the horizontal organization of the flower knot.

Shape and size of customize scarf

The shapes of customize silk scarf are mainly divided into square and rectangle, and these two shapes come in many different sizes. Different shapes have different ways of fastening. Even if it is the same method and the size is different, the feeling of wearing it is also different. The smaller scarf is easy to carry and easy to fit into the makeup bag, so it is suitable for casual dressing. Larger scarves generally hang down long, suitable for matching with gorgeous costumes.

After making various changes to a simple piece of cloth, you will have a fashion change element, which is the silk scarf. There are many different kinds of silk scarves in color, pattern, texture and so on. When choosing, it is often dazzling. You are welcome to contact Sino silk to learn about the fabrics and uses, patterns and customized services of all kinds of scarves. Choose a silk scarf that best suits your temperament and improve your beauty index.

Long scarves can be like square scarves. According to the diagonal folding method, you can make full use of its length to make it hang down with rich and colorful shapes. In addition, the material of long silk scarves. There are also many kinds of quality, including both high-quality materials used at banquets and coarse materials suitable for casual dressing.There are many kinds of materials, such as materials with ethnic customs and so on.The square scarf has both the tie method of large area expansion and the tie method of folding into thin strip, which is characterized by rich shape. It can be matched with a variety of collar shapes. As long as there is such a scarf, you can create more than a dozen shapes.

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