The Multifunctional Use of Silk

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The Characteristics of Silk Fabric Custom Scarves

The main feature of silk is its excellent drapability. Best winter scarf also has sound absorption, heat resistance and UV resistance, so you can also use silk to make curtains, silk is not easy to stain dust, this kind of products will have better decoration. Compared with ordinary cloth, silk has a larger molecular spacing, that is, high porosity, and the space in the middle can be used not only to absorb sound, but also to absorb water in the air and release it better. Use silk as home decoration, such as the canvas embellished on the screen, and put a silk canvas at the entrance door, which can not only absorb the dust of these places, but also play an aesthetic role.

Because of silk’ s beautiful appearance, custom scarf printing can be used not only to keep warm in autumn and winter, but also in summer to protect against the sun and decorate, because it has the characteristics of low temperature and smoothness, which is one of the reasons why many high-end fashion brands choose silk as the main raw material. Generally speaking, high-end clothes manufacturer often regard silk as the first choice, for which is also comfortable and beautiful. Try wearing a silk skirt or trousers on a hot summer day to ensure that the whole body is cool and comfortable. However, the only drawback is that it can only be dry-cleaned, otherwise it is easy to fade and deform, so silk has always been the choice of high-end people. Sino has provided customized supply services for a large number of enterprises.

In addition, silk also has moisturizing, inspiratory and porous properties, and can absorb harmful gases, dust and microorganisms. for families with children at home, silk is not only soft and skin-friendly, but also gives the baby healthier and refreshing air protection.

Silk Fabric Can be Used in Clothing and Scarf

Custom scarf printingCustom Scarves – Customize Your Unique Scarf, From Design To Quality. – Silk Scarf Customize ( pure mulberry silk fabric, which can be divided into thin, medium and thick according to the weight per square meter. Mainly used for summer shirts, pajamas, dress fabrics and scarf. Now, more and more people will choose to use custom scarf printing for high-end evening decoration. Because everyone has a specific impression of elegance, fashion and quality, we always want to choose some high-quality fabrics when choosing evening dress fabrics, and silk fabrics are just in line with these characteristics.

People are most relaxed when they sleep, so many high-end businesses will choose silk as the fabric of bedding to avoid all unnecessary friction and injury to the skin. because silk has many advantages that can not be replaced by other fabrics, it can improve the quality of sleep, help the skin lock in moisture, and after a good rest, it also helps the skin and mood to be in a better state and form a virtuous circle. It is worth noting that silk can absorb ultraviolet rays and resist the harm of ultraviolet rays to the human body, but in the course of daily use, we should also pay attention to avoid silk being exposed to the sun all the time, otherwise there will be some chemical changes in the interior of the silk, which is easy to yellowing, but generally speaking, bedding is rarely placed in the place of direct sunlight for a long time.

The Skin Care Function of Silk

Custom silk scarf manufacturerAbout – Silk Scarf Customize ( produce more and more high-end products to meet people’s needs in life. Amino acid skin care has become a very common and widely accepted way of skin care. In ancient China, there are stories about noble people using silk and silk fabrics for daily care. For modern people, in addition to a variety of amino acid-rich hydration products, we also need to pay attention to physical protection. In daily travel, skin-friendly silk products can be used to protect the skin from being burned by ultraviolet rays. Silk products can absorb ultraviolet rays very well. When sleeping at night, use custom scarves to wrap your hair, or as a pro-skin bedding, can protect the skin from unnecessary friction, thus more delicate. It is a natural protein fiber with a protein content of more than 96%.

It also contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which can absorb ultraviolet rays, resist sunlight radiation, and some can inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin. remove black spots, and some can even help repair wounds and promote cell activity. Therefore, silk made of silk, when close to the skin, will also be softer and closer to the skin, and can even be used during sleep, making sleep more comfortable and the skin more delicate.

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