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Why Choose Scarfs For Winter

Winter scarf women can highlight temperament, about its collocation is quite diversified, can cater to different clothing styles, especially in some lack of vitality in autumn and winter season, tired of “black and white gray”, might as well use silk scarves to add some color to wear, take a look at these six “silk scarves” collocation, elegant and tasteful.

In the development of many luxury brands, the history of silk scarves is even farther than that of bags. The first thing we need to understand is the most primitive and conventional collocation of silk scarves-tied around the neck to maximize the temperament of the whole person through the matching of silk scarves and clothing.

Choose a coat, often feel that a solid color shirt, especially black and white tone will be very versatile, but can not help feeling too monotonous, looks ordinary lack of bright spots, at this time can consider choosing a slightly higher saturation scarf, very skillfully can enhance the sense of fashion.

Women with shorter necks suggest using a deep V-collar with a silk scarf to make the neck lines look better and give off a very charming feminine flavor. Of course, lapel shirts and scarves are also a perfect match, but women with more perfect neck lines are recommended, and women with shorter necks can also grow their necks by unlocking the first two buttons.

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As a leading custom-made silk factory, Sino has more than ten years of silk production experience and is located in the silk city: Hangzhou, China. Digital printing on silk fabric is one of the most preferable silk printing methods amongst manufacturers and artists, just like inkjet printing for silk, bringing their designs to the world. Sino can complete Wholesale custom silk scarf printing according to your requirements, combined with professional design and rigorous production line.

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Women Winter Scarf From Sino

In the cool autumn, cotton scarves are the most intimate and comfortable choice. Best winter scarf can help you resist the rustling autumn wind, and its lightweight fabric will not hide your charm under the thick material. This feature creates a stage for cotton scarves to show leisure style. Therefore, whether it is to go out to play or friends get together, a cotton scarf is a good choice for you. Wool is a natural animal fiber material, which is developed from the cells on sheep skin. It belongs to multicellular fiber, and its main component is protein. The company uses fine wool, feel soft and elastic, soft luster, spinnability and wearability are very good. In autumn and winter, wool scarf is an essential item, cold weather, best winter scarf can help people warm all day, simple design, let the winter atmosphere feel full. The use of 100% wool, intimate extremely soft and comfortable, delicate texture, intimate skin without prickling, soft touch, and keep warm.

In terms of silk, the classic broken flower design is not the only summer can have the joy of broken flowers. Autumn and winter sweaters are generally single-tone color, the woolly texture of sweaters plus silky scarves, is a wonderful way to match. If you can fold a necklace under the scarf, it will be more French and feminine. Matching silk scarves with sweaters can not only balance the sense of leisure of sweaters, for those round-necked sweaters with compact neck lines, the blessing of silk scarves can also extend the lines of the neck and modify the shape of the face, which is very practical. 

Best winter scarf not only plays a role in embellishment, but also the materials of the two play a complementary role. Adding silk scarves to sweaters can remove the hair restlessness of some sweaters. Scarves in different seasons have different choices in materials and colors. I hope you can choose scarves correctly, so that spring and summer can be cool and comfortable, autumn and winter can bloom colors.

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How to Tie a Winter Scarf

How to tie a winter scarf for different clothes? It is common to wear a bottomed shirt to go out in autumn, which is both comfortable and warm, while leisure is not too casual, but there is still the problem that the collocation is too monotonous. Color scarfs for winterUSE FOR – Silk Scarf Customize ( can certainly come in handy at this time, not only to keep the neck warm, but also to enhance the elegant and intellectual atmosphere of women, conservative collocation is best to choose the same color scarf, otherwise it is easy to give people a dazzling feeling. 

When we use silk scarves with shirts, we should pay attention to create a loose and tight sense of layering, use the shirt to create a loose V-shaped neckline, and then add silk scarves to embellishment, so that the neckline will not look cramped.

The sweater itself is a very gentle product, which can best highlight the gentleness of a woman. Autumn and winter are already somewhat suppressed. I want to choose a sweater with brighter colors, but I think it will look too young to meet the age of calm, so scarfs for winter may play a big role at this time. The cold sweater might as well match the silk scarves of warm colors, neutralizing the single visual stimulation, making the beauty more balanced.

Leather can not only wear a cool feeling, but also make use of the softness of the silk scarf itself, which naturally makes it more elegant and feminine when matched with leather. If it is a taller woman, boldly choose a long leather coat, the demeanor and temperament are submissive. Scarfs for winter and leather clothing are two single products with strong contrast, which together have a strong visual impact, one rigid and one soft, creating a contrasting aesthetic feeling.

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