What Are the Uses of Silk Fabrics?

Silk can be used to produce dresses, skirts and as clothing accessories, gorgeous appearance has a certain sense of luxury. Sino also sells Silk fabrics and other clothing fabrics, and provides custom scarves no minimum. The following are the main uses of silk fabrics.

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The use of silk fabrics

At present, the use of silk has been widely used, silk clothing, scarves, silk paintings, silk books, silk bags, silk craft furnishings, Sino silk can also make custom blanket to decorate your home. It can also be said that silk can be made of products that can be replaced by cloth.

Silk also has sound absorption, heat resistance and UV resistance, so you can also use silk to make curtains, silk is not easy to stain dust, this kind of products will have better decoration. Silk will have better elasticity, silk fabric is not easy to shrink and deform after washing.

Silk clothing has always been very popular. Silk, as a kind of Chinese culture, has been well passed on for many years. Silk clothing has a wide range of wear and can be used in many areas of clothing. It can be used as a scarf, clothing or shoes. When it comes to silk, it always gives people the feeling that it doesn’t work, and pure natural silk shows a different luster in the sun. Touching through the light is like kissing a baby on the cheek, silky with a sense of delicacy. While lamenting the price of silk, we should also be able to imagine that it is good value for money. Wearing it on the body can not only increase the sense of beauty, but also has great benefits to the fineness of the skin.

Silk pajamas are loved by many women, because the biggest feature of pajamas should be comfort, which needs to be worn after taking a bath and during sleep, because it needs to be very close to the skin and has little friction, when it comes to the choice of comfortable materials, silk is absolutely the best choice, but silk pajamas can not only be used as household clothes, even if you are in a hurry to go out and change clothes, you can go out on the street as casual clothes. Still will not lower your grade, carry a fashionable small bag, comfortable and general, with sandals or high heels can, can create a very elegant temperament.

Silk suit should be a topic that everyone is familiar with, suit style should be worn by both men and women, and a decent suit can be matched with various styles of clothes, workplace style, mature style, as long as you have enough aesthetic, can let you fully control, silk suit compared to other fabrics, should be more glossy, the addition of silk ingredients in Silk fabrics. The grade of the suit has been improved, so the silk suit should be a necessary piece of clothing for human hands.

Silk can be used as custom scarves. Silk customizable scarf (https://customprintedscarves.com/custom-scarves/) should be a woman’s favorite, not only can be tied around the neck, but also can be tied to the hair, or even simply put on the coat to do a decoration, customizable scarf has many colors and styles, whether street shooting or attending activities, can be matched with a silk scarf, how to match all good-looking, but also very fashionable, hot summer can also be used as a sunscreen scarf, is really a silk scarf for multiple purposes. Sino provides personalized scarves in bulk and scarf printing services, and each pattern is very exquisite. Choose Sino(https://customprintedscarves.com/) to create your own silk scarf, can make the whole person look more energetic, but also one more bright spot, can play the role of embellishment.

The role of silk fabrics in Chinese history

China is the hometown of silk, which is one of the important features of Chinese civilization, which has a lot of relations with Chinese etiquette system, culture and art, local customs, science and technology and so on. The four great inventions of paper and printing are all directly related to silk. The original meaning of “paper” is the accumulation of fluffy silk in the process of making silk wool. The invention of printing is directly related to the letterpress printing on silk, so it can be said that the embossing printing on silk is the ancestor of engraving printing for future generations. The development of the Maritime Silk Road also directly promoted the practice and improvement of the compass. Silk is not only a simple and expensive clothing raw material, but also has an important monetary function for a long time in history.

For China, “silk” is not just a commodity, but the currency itself, which can be used not only to pay for garrison, but also to pay for commodities such as horses. China used silk to buy animal husbandry products from prairie tribes, while prairie people sold the silk westward along the Silk Road. It was in this process that silk realized the transformation from currency to commodity, and explained why Roman and Byzantine gold coins were often found at the eastern end of the Silk Road, while Chinese copper coins were rarely unearthed in the West. because silk itself is the popular currency of the Silk Road.

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