What is 6A Grades Of Silk Fabric?

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Definition of 6A grade silk fabric

Although it is pure silk fabric, the clothes and scarves are not so easy to wrinkle, some silk will wrinkle quickly on the upper body, but 6A grade silk fabric will not, sometimes when sitting in the seat for most of the day to work or read, only elbows, waist and belly and other high folding areas wrinkle, in an acceptable range. Such excellent performance is inseparable from the selection of Top 6A grade silk fabric fabrics. High-end clothing and scarves are made of heavy silk of 6A grade and 19mm meters. Raw silk, according to its quality and appearance, is divided into 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, A, B, C, D, E, F grade and foreign products. Expensive international first-tier brands usually choose 6A grade, while many brands that can be found in e-commerce will use 3A or lower grades to make products, which can still be said to be 100% silk. It can be identified as 6A only when it is excellent in glossiness, fiber length, fiber elasticity, moisture absorption and permeability and so on. Sino custom photo scarf factoryCustom Scarves – Customize Your Unique Scarf, From Design To Quality. – Silk Scarf Customize (customprintedscarves.com) can produce different silk products to meet high end needs for custom scarves.

Advantages of 6A grade silk fabric

6A grade silk fabric is the silk of real silk, the top of the top, is synonymous with “noble”, with a flowing silky touch. Light and smooth, close to the skin can not afford static electricity, the body feeling is really very beautiful. Spandex is actually the role of elastic filament, which can make you more comfortable when raising your arms, driving, and bending over. For silk clothes and scarves of this level, it is better to have a basic and durable version. I never get tired of seeing it for a long time, I don’t get tired of wearing it for a long time, and it won’t be out of date. 6A grade silk fabric silk clothes and scarves are clean and tasteful, and can be mastered on any occasion. Moreover, the basic style of silk clothing and custom scarf is also a special item that highlights the wearer’s own characteristics. You can wear lazy and leisurely, or you can wear a gentle, 6A grade silk fabric custom scarves, choose simple color and design, handsome women can also wear heroic and chic, unforgettable. Sino has rich experience in wholesale custom silk scarf printingCreat – Silk Scarf Customize (customprintedscarves.com), which can bring you high quality 6A grade custom scarves to meet your needs in different industries.

Why do people choose twilly

Twilly is a kind of long silk custom scarfCustom Scarves – Silk Scarf Customize (customprintedscarves.com), which is characterized by beautiful color, lovely shape, light material and elegant temperament. Twilly is what Emma family calls this item, in fact, other brands also have the same style, but the name is slightly different, such as Dior home name Mitzah Scarf,LV home name Bandeau, in fact, are all the same thing. Twilly has a variety of colors and patterns, including presbyopia, embroidery, flowers, animals, abstract patterns and styles, and the colors vary according to the seasons.

When buying Twilly, it is best to pre-set the bags, clothes and shoes that you are ready to match with it, and choose them according to the harmony of color. After all, this is a single item that needs to be matched. If the color is too prominent or too messy, it may not be suitable to do accessory.while wholesale custom silk scarf printing often has various styles and paintings.

Using Twilly to tie the handle of a bag is a common and most basic use, especially the satin handle which is light leather or easy to hook, which is easy to get dirty and damaged in summer, while the leather is dirty or satin scratched is very troublesome, so using Twilly to tie the handle of the bag can avoid the problem of getting dirty and scratching the leather. In addition, if the colors of Twilly and the bag match harmoniously, it can also bring a very different Look and a new feel to the bag.

Characteristics of 6A grade silk fabric

Raw silk is the product of mulberry cocoon reeling. Chinese raw silk has a long history and its modern output ranks first in the world.
The properties of silk. The properties of raw silk are smooth, transparent, soft, elastic, soft and elegant, and its fabrics will produce unique silking after rubbing against each other. The hygroscopicity, strength and elongation of raw silk decreased after scouring and degumming. The initial modulus of mulberry silk is 45–90dN/tex. The light resistance of mulberry silk is poor, and it will yellowing, hardening, brittleness and strength decline after sunlight. The mulberry silk does not conduct electricity when it is dry, and it is a good insulator. In 65% relative humidity, the mass specific resistance can reach 10 plus 2g/cm, so in the production process, because the friction is easy to produce static electricity, it is necessary to control the temperature and humidity in the workshop or adopt electrostatic elimination measures. The thermal insulation of mulberry silk is good, and the thermal conductivity is the lowest in natural fibers, so silk fabrics should be worn in winter and summer.

Raw silk. Raw silk products are divided into 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, A, B, C, D, E, F grade and foreign products according to the quality technology and appearance quality of raw silk. The items assessed include: size deviation, maximum size deviation, uniform second-degree change, cleanliness, cleanliness, uniform third-degree change, cutting, breaking strength, elongation at break, defects, etc. The higher the grade, the higher the quality and the better the gloss of the silk. What the Cuimen Road does is the highest level of 6A.

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