What Is A Bandana? The History, Usage of Bandana

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Historical changes of bandana scarf

The existence of Bandana scarves can be traced back to the ancient Roman and Greek times. It evolved from the Sanskrit word for “badhnati”, meaning binding. It later became the Portuguese word for “bandannoe” and eventually evolved into “Bandana”, which means “printed handkerchief”. But unlike handkerchiefs made of cotton, Bandana scarves are made of flax.

The use of Bandana dates back to ancient Roman and Greek times, when the printed square scarf plain cotton cloth was called Cambirc, but was traditionally made of flax but distinguished from handkerchiefs, with a slight emphasis on printing and color.

The popularity of bandana among the public began during the Revolutionary War in the United States, when Washington’s wife Martha Washington commissioned printmaker John Hewson to produce a Bandana with the theme of Washington as a promotional souvenir.In the American labor movement, Bandana has become a symbol of workers fighting for their own rights and interests.

In the 1960s, bandana really became a popular matching item. At that time, with the rise of the hippie movement, Paisley Pattern, which is common in Bandana, was favored by young people for its sense of retro and Indian ancestry.

Since the 1970s, American prison police have marked prisoners with Bandana. After they got out of prison, they also took the habit of wearing Bandana to the streets and became a trend, even a symbol of gangs, each with its own color and design. For example, in gang fights, use specific colors to plan specific groups or affiliation, in short, do not hurt your own people in group fights.

In the 1990s, with the popularity of rock singers, hip-hop singers and Harley lovers, Bandana became a cultural symbol of American leisure at that time. Because of its unruly and tough style and rebellious history and culture, it has become a classic element of American retro.

Custom scarves : the symbol of fashion

As one type of custom scarves(https://customprintedscarves.com/custom-scarves/), bandana has become popular in politics, a top-down stream. The headportrait of George Washington, the first president of the United States, was printed on a square scarf by his clever wife and decorated with cannons and flags to show his political ideas and increase his recognition.After that, politicians rushed to follow suit, and the was overshadowed by politics and became a means of propaganda and canvassing for politicians.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the American labor movement began vigorously, and workers fought for their rights and interests by wearing Bandana uniformly.

During World War II, women walked out of their homes and entered the factory. They had their Bandana wrapped in their hair and kept it clean and clean. The red headband with blue overalls is impressive.In the end, it was the non-mainstream cultural groups of the 1960s that made Bandana popular and became a classic accessory: hippies, Harley motorcycles, rock enthusiasts. In their eyes, a small square scarf is a totem that emphasizes self and releases personality.

Today, Bandana is still a symbol of culture, an indispensable item in American retro style, with its dress matching, it will become a bright point,it has become a classic accessory, regardless of men and women. Fashion artists tie it in their hair as headbands, hands as bracelets, and around their necks as decoration; people on the street tie it around their heads to express their attitude; retro lovers, is more in love with this omnipotent piece, using it to create a dress atmosphere.

Four ways to use bandana scarf

Use bandana scarf as a bandana head scarf. Pure cotton and hemp is the best fabric for head scarves, which can hold the hair. Materials such as silk are easy to slip on the hair. In addition, it is best to choose a small square with light color, high brightness and simple design, which can form a deep contrast with the hair color and focus on the head.

Tie a ponytail.The method is the simplest, tie the small square scarf directly to the ponytail, pull loose hair, appear more lazy and natural.You can choose any material and pattern, and it’s best to echo a color on your clothes, bag or shoes.Used as a headband.It is used as a hairband; it is unisex. Pay attention to the length of the small square scarf, so as to avoid being unable to fight.

Tie it to the wrist.As a bracelet, it’s unique. Can mix metal bracelet or large bracelet, hit the material, can highlight their own style. The small square scarf on the wrist had better choose silk, which is smaller than cotton and linen and looks more exquisite. Sino is professional at making scarves, and we can provide various kind of bandana head scarf to show your style.

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