Which Size For Your Custom-made Corporate Scarves?

The size selection of custom sik scarves wholesale is related to many factors, such as function, use, pattern design, material selection and basic budget, for example, when the budget is limited, we generally do not choose too large size, so we can obtain cost-effective custom scarves no minimum. Let’s talk about the specific selection criteria:

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The size of customizable scart for corporate image

Small square scarves are generally around 30cmX30cm, you can refer to the scarf of the stewardess for details. A stewardess, bank clerk or receptionist can easily wear a larger scarf (square 36 “x36” or rectangular 62 “x26”). Therefore, from another point of view, if the collocation is not in place, it can easily become the vision of the uniform. Therefore, when using a square scarf of this size, you should try to choose a younger style. For example, the street photos in the interpretation of braces, strap skirts or similar styles, so that lively elements, neutralize the possible sense of maturity. Chinese towels are generally about the size of 90cmx90cm, the size is relatively moderate. Therefore, it is also the most changeable size. It can be directly used as a scarf, can be tied to the head as a headscarf, but also can be wrapped around a variety of bags for decoration.

For daily fashion matching, many people will choose long square scarves and large square scarves. The long square scarf initially benefited from its tie-like shape, so that women’s neutral style can become more diversified. Because of diflerent ways to te scart, it slowly becomes soft and beautiful, showing people with elegant and gentle posture, which is very suitable for matching some capable trousers to enhance the aura. The size of the square scarf is basically above 110cmX110cm. The generous effect makes it the best choice for holiday sunscreen. Not only very elegant, but also can block ultraviolet rays, prevent the skin from sunburn, this kind of scarf will generally choose to enrich the pattern and texture, appear to have a stronger sense of fashion.

The size of customizable scart with professional function

If you want customize scarf(https://customprintedscarves.com/custom-scarves/)  as a gift to customers, employees, or as a uniform match for employees, there is another size recommendation. To please and impress your customers or members, choose 36 “x36” silk twill scarves or 27 “x27” silk twill scarves: these two classic sizes are synonymous with eternal elegance in Europe. In addition, certain companies, such as the cosmetics industry, are often looking for cheap promotional gifts. Pocket towels are a good choice. Twill towels are an interesting and stylish accessory that women can easily tie around their necks or handbags. If you plan to transform your company’s uniform, your choice depends largely on the type of business you are engaged in. It is important to note that if you want employees to wear the custom logo scarves for a long time, it is best to be consistent with the company’s dress and color code, and to make them feel comfortable all day, not too big or too small.

When you want to order some custom made scarves onlin, different scarf sizes can be converted according to the following table, so that people from different countries can also use a unified standard to measure the size of scarves:


11 x 60 inches

28 x 152 cm

12 x 60 inches

30 x 152 cm

15 x 60 inches

38 x 152 cm

14 x 72 inches

36 x 183 cm


The size of the custom made scarf depends on the design

Different designs have different requirements for the size of the scarf. For example, some designs take very flamboyant, brightly colored patterns, which require a relatively large area to show the characteristics of the design, so they generally choose 14 x 72 inches, so that the whole pattern can be displayed completely, and it is also more atmospheric when wearing it. Some enterprises customize scarf with initials to think of the role of publicity, may only need a simple custom logo scart, need to show a simple atmosphere, do not need too large area to show a complete picture, so generally choose a relatively small square, in this case, pocket square scarf (10 “x10” to 22 “x22”) or silk Twilly is a very good choice. Most designs can be resized, but they usually have a fixed proportion, so it is necessary to choose a square or rectangular scarf according to the proportion of the pattern. Some designs work better on square scarves, while others look better on rectangular scarves.

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