Why is Silk so Expensive?

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Why is custom silk scarves expensive?

Silk is different from rayon, which is a chemical product. Compared with rayon, silk has a more complex industrial chain. Rayon is a kind of chemical product, which can be mass produced by machinery. Silk is pure natural silk, and the output process of silk is much more complicated than that of rayon silk, because silkworm rearing is actually an agricultural project, which is related to climate, environment and scientific feeding methods. A large amount of cost is invested, and only a complete and healthy feeding process can ensure the high quality and usability of silk, so the complete silk production process also needs a large mulberry garden. Need sericulture, silk reeling, weaving and other multiple processes, and the cycle is long, in which the really good mulberry silk requires silk enterprises from sericulture to start the whole process to control the quality.

Although modern technology is constantly optimizing every production link, sericulture and mulberry planting cannot be reduced, and the responsible brands have to make a careful selection of upstream suppliers. In addition, the follow-up processes of silk, such as the stacking of silk quilts and the positioning of silk fabrics need highly skilled manual work, such as Sino is equipped with very experienced skilled workers, which allows custom printed silk scarves no minimum with good quality. Many operation steps can not be perfectly replaced by machines, high-end silk often has the name of “pure handmade silk”. For printed scarves(https://customprintedscarves.com/custom-scarves/), customized patterns also require professional manpower and material resources.

Silk consists of sericin on the outside and silk fibroin in the inner core, because sericin is water-soluble, and after boiling and dissolving, the thread can be easily found, and then begin to peel the cocoon, twist multiple cocoons together and form a raw silk, and then make a silk twist with the help of silk reeling tools. Then there is the process of bleaching and dyeing, and finally spinning, after a variety of complicated processes, a delicate and smooth silk can be made. Therefore, on the whole, the output of silk products will not be too high, so that the overall cost and output, the price of silk custom scarves will appear high compared with other fabrics.

The irreplaceability of silk

As the only biological protein fiber used in home life, silk is unique, but there are no perfect products in the world, and the shortcomings of real silk are also obvious, such as difficult to maintain, easy to wrinkle, etc., so whether to buy silk at a more expensive price is a choice on demand, if the skin is allergic and requires skin care, or high sleep quality and the pursuit of the ultimate comfortable home experience. Then they will choose silk pajamas, household items and scarves, etc., so it is worthwhile to buy silk at a relatively high price. Compared with other fabrics, silk has the following advantages, which can not be replaced by other fabrics:

Silk can reduce friction with the skin and is very close and comfortable. Silk is composed of protein fibers, which has good biocompatibility with the human body, coupled with a smooth surface, and its friction stimulation coefficient to the human body is the lowest among all kinds of fibers, only 7.4%. For people who attach importance to skin care, long-term use of silk for facial, body and head wrapping can minimize the ink of the cloth on the skin, and long-term use helps the skin to resist aging and wrinkle. At the same time, it contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, which is about the same as the amino acids contained in human skin. It is a boon for skin-sensitive people and will be so close to the skin.

Good moisture absorption and desorption, while silk also has a good warmth. In the normal temperature, it can help the skin to maintain a certain amount of moisture, do not make the skin too dry; wear in summer, but also can quickly release the sweat and heat discharged from the human body. There are many tiny fibers in the silk fiber, and there is a lot of air in the silk gap, which prevents the emission of heat and keeps the silk warm. Because of these characteristics, silk is often chosen as the best fabric for personalized scarves(https://customprintedscarves.com/), and wedding gifts will also be made of silk, which is both noble and comfortable.

How to maintain expensive silk

Silk is a natural fiber fabric, light texture, soft and smooth, strong air permeability, comfortable and cool to wear, elegant and chic, is an ideal summer fabric. Mastering scientific methods of dressing, washing and maintenance is of great benefit to maintaining the beauty of silk summer clothes and prolonging their life. For those who choose custom printed scarves, now that they have paid a high cost, they should pay more attention to how to protect it and get a better sense of experience.

First of all, for the preservation of silk clothing, it is best to hang silk summer clothes with hangers when they are kept, and they need to be hung in a cool place to prevent silk from being exposed to ultraviolet light, because silk exposed to light for a long time may cause yellowing and affect its appearance.

When saving clothes and custom scarves scarves, insect repellent should be put in the wardrobe, but do not come into direct contact with clothes, it needs regular ventilation and should not be put in plastic bags for a long time, but not all silk clothes are preserved in accordance with the way they hang up, such as the clothing made of georgette and double wrinkle fabric, such clothes should not be hung for a long time, they will stretch longer and longer, resulting in deformation, should be lined with cloth during storage, put on the upper layer of the cabinet, so as to avoid wrinkling.

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